The base of induced fish propagation is to provide brood stock of proper maturity and undisturbed environment for their maturation (proper oxygen level and temperature). Weight of brood stock should be measured before propagation. The required amount of Ovopel is 1 pellet for 1kg of brood stock + 0,1 pellet for losses during powdering and dissolving.

When fish are ready for spawning, pellets should be powdered and dissolved in salt solution (0,65% NaCl) 12 hours before planned ovulation then injected into the abdomen of fish.
If there is a doubt on brood stock maturity, portion should be divided into two parts; 10% should be injected into fish 24 hours before planned stripping and 90% is 12 hours before stripping.
Eggs and sperm management is according to general propagation technology.
Treated brood stock is unsuitable for human consumption. Treated fish stock should be stored separately and kept a record of them.

Declaration should be made on the use of Ovopel within two weeks of purchase, avoiding the human consumption of treated fish stock (documents can be downloaded from the menu “Official documents”). If declaration is not made in time, instruction of use will be considered accepted by the consumer.